Essential Family Time-

Essential Family Time

While we busy with our daily routines and our daily hustle in the urban jungle, we need to find some down time with our love ones. Its essential that we use the family time to strengthen the bond between them and also appreciate their present with us.
Take off some time to put your family a priority first, if you have a busy schedule then work around with having family time first then only with your work or social with friends schedule.
Here are some ways and benefit to have a good family time.

1. Dinner and Lunch Time

 Make some time to have family dinner or lunch with them. If you capable enough then you can spend to buy them good meal treat to them. These meal time is good to have casual conversation on what has been happening to your life and your family members life.  Dinner and lunch time is the easiest and simplest to organized family time, so do schedule these time with them, this could be done at home or going out to a nice restaurant.

2. Shopping

This is the typical outing for most people these days, a weekend on shopping around malls. These enjoyable moments, where you might ask fashion advice with the female members in your family, ie. Mother, Sister or wife when buying clothes. It is also a good time to buy some gift to your family members.

3. Do outdoor or sport activity

 This is a better alternative than shopping time with family, which is having outdoor or sport activity with your family. Some of the ideas for these activities maybe, a game of badminton/football/ping pong or brisk walk/jogging with your parents, hiking with your siblings , play with your children at playground , a walk at the park with your children or a walk at the beach with your spouse.

4. Travel with them

Buying present to your love ones is awesome. But what is much more better is to buy them an experience. Is great if you travel as a family to places you like. If possible take away your mind from work and heavy burden from the stress you face. During this time, you might end up knowing their idiosyncratic habits during travel time,(lol) and by notice it you can learn to tolerate those habits. Many pictures moments on these travel getaway that will be sweet memories to be reflect in the future, and might pictures to be given to your future grandchildren.

5. Heart to Heart Talk

This can be done with having a coffee or beer(lol) with them, or anytime you are alone with them. This is the time when you really get to know them.  You know what they are going through, their goals, their fears and maybe their expectation from you, vice versa they get to know you better. Deep and meaningful conversation will spun during this talk, both of you might be emotional about it. Maybe after the conversation, you could end with a hugging them.

6. Inner Memories Picture

We always use our camera phone or normal camera to take pictures. But have you heard you can take a photograph with your ‘Inner eye/mind’? For an example, you having a good laugh moment with your parents, then you can use your senses to capture the moment with what you see in your eyes?, what you hear from the jokes? how does it feel when that loving moment happen?  Use your sense to record those beautiful moments with your family.

Family is your first foundation pillar, most of your friends won’t last more than 5 years time but family sticks with you forever, so its best you try to spend more time connecting with them. The benefits you reap having some precious time with them is you will be grateful you have it as might you never have these time in the future(maybe far future)  and also you feel more relax and calm which gives you peace of mind. As our parents growing older, we should find pleasurable time with them so we wont regret in the future when they are gone.  During the young time of our children, will be good if we find more time with the children before they are in their teens when they hang out more with their friends.
Comment below on your ways how you spend time with your family
Credit photo to White77 from Pixabay 
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