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Finding Fulfillment at Work

Some people drag themselves on Monday work and the Monday Blues creep in their nerves. Complaining the traffic jam. Blame co-workers for late work submission. Shouldn’t we be grateful that they have a job at all? Shouldn’t they be grateful that they have vehicle to drive? Shouldn’t they be happy they have a team to help them?

Fulfillment in work start with gratefullness.  Here are 9 ways to find fulfillment in the work place

1.Be grateful that you have a Job

First thing first. With the unemployable rate is fairly high in urban cities. We should be grateful that we had a job. You might have a bad boss or bad colleagues. But having a job is better than being jobless. I had a friend who was jobless for a whole year living in a city, she went back to her hometown which is a smaller city and found a job there.

2.”Ride the cow, while looking for the horse” chinese proverb

There is a saying in Chinese proverb, “Ride the cow, while looking for the horse” that means that you might working in a bad company that don’t bring you satisfaction or maybe make you depress. You can still work in that company while looking for a better job offer or other work department.

3. Bored? Seek Challenge

Boredom is the killer in having people lack of passion in their work. The solution for it? Seek challenge, you can ask for challenge from your superior or you can challenge yourself which might be having a shorter deadline or different work approach.

4. Have a great clean desk.

How’s your desk look like? Is it organised? Having a well organized desk will definitely boost your mood in working. Maybe having a hassle free cactus plant on your desk, having some plants might increase the good vibes in your daily work. Pictures of family or friends around your desk and maybe some motivating quotes posted on your cubicle, this may enhance your motivation at work.

5. Culture

Go to a good culture of work and stay there. Or create a good culture and cultivate among your peers, this maybe make you the leader or the co-organizer of the culture with your superior. Good Culture is relative, discuss with the management or co-workers if you want to start a good working culture.

6. Find fun in work place

You need to find fun in your workplace, but this should tone down up to culture of your work place. You don’t want too have ‘too much’ fun you create disturbance or awkwardness to your peers. It could be throwing some birthday party, celebration, movie outing or throw some jokes to your colleagues. Be creative on this segment

7.  Have group lunch with co-workers

Going an outing with co-workers might be too much for you, do something simple then. Try some regular group lunch, maybe once a month or once a week. Avoid complaining about boss or gossiping in these group lunche

8. No Complain and no Gossiping

This is absolutely a must to have a peace of mind in workplace and any organization, that is have NO COMPLAIN and NO GOSSIPING among your co-workers. If you want to complain and gossip go outside your work group, maybe your best buddy from university or high school. You can complain to seek solution and not complain to seek blame

9. Find Role Model in work place and have a silent rival

To Feel inspired at work, you may try this method which is find a role model. It might be the C.E.O of the company or Senior in your department. With that method, add another twist which is have a silent rival…lol. Your rival don’t necessary that you compete with him/her. When see your silent rival work harder than you, you will be motivate to work harder and smarter than them.

Thats my take on 9 ways to find fulfilment at work, leave your comments below for your 10th way or more.


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