Perfect Alone Time and Solitude-

Perfect Alone Time

We are always on the move , we get ourselves busy by jumping one meeting to another. In City life, we usually been to crowded area with lotsa people. Here’s some suggestions on ways to have a perfect alone time

There’s plenty of coffee shops around city to have a cup of cuppa alone. Sipping a hot coffee while doing some self reflection is good for the soul. Maybe, you prefer to have beer at pubs alone, which is still ok as long you are not drunk when driving back home. Walking alone in parks is kind of serene experience, the smell of scent of the greens and sight of scenery will calm our mind.  Have you tried watching movie alone? its kinda a cool experience, you can always get one good seat at the back because there some ‘leftovers’ seat between couples. (LOL) You can your freedom to choose whatever movies you want to watch, and for Marvel movies, you can sit till the end of the credit yourselves without trying hard to convince your friends or partner to stay with you to wait. You need to have privacy at home if you are staying with friends or family. Have a room where you are totally alone, close the door and do your work without any distraction.

Want to have more liberating alone time? you can try Travel to a foreign country alone! You can charter your own travel itinerary, which is visit places that you really want to go and stay at the place as long as you want. Eat the food that you really want without compromise with other people, you will have total freedom

When you are alone, you can do your work peacefully without distraction.  Most importantly, when you are having your alone time, you can do some proper self reflection by pondering or writing journal. During your alone time, you can use the time to day dreaming, thinking and visualization on your dream future or relive the good moments of the past.

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  • Bernard
    Posted at 01:47h, 08 April Reply

    Recently I have come to realize that I do really need a time for myself. However, I have not successfully made a room for it.
    All days I almost have a hectic schedule. Thanks for writing this article. At least it is another flag raised, I should without delays find out this time.

    • David Lee
      Posted at 03:30h, 17 April Reply

      Bernard, its all about putting the schedule on appointment with yourself. You will find the time if you think is important to you.

  • Jimmy Leong
    Posted at 06:33h, 08 April Reply

    Very interesting writeup. Never heard of any alone time before this. Now that I know I could use this idea to drink coffee in peace.

    Can’t wait for your next column.

    • David Lee
      Posted at 03:29h, 17 April Reply

      Thank you. We should use some alone time to reflect our week or our day.

  • spitfireKa
    Posted at 08:17h, 17 April Reply

    Esta idea muy buena tiene que justamente a propГіsito

  • happy1Ka
    Posted at 10:54h, 18 April Reply


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