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Best Cafes in Cheras [2022]

You’ve probably spotted a lot of cafes literally, EVERYWHERE in KL. It is quite interesting to find cafes opening in places like Cheras, aesthetic and less crowded. So here’s where to go for your next cafe-hopping adventure. Make sure you try these 6 incredibly good cafes in Cheras...


The Best Café in Johor [2022]

What is the iconic in Johor? The answer is café, of course! Yes, cafe hopping becomes a thing, Johor is now filled with an abundance of chic cafes. Many people who visit Johor do insta-worthy activities like taking a great shot at Sungai Rengit Jetty, or snapping aesthetic photos at...


The Best Café in Penang [2022]

Penang is a surprisingly interesting city, with a mixture of historical and modern lifestyles. Unlike Melaka, Penang is a fast-developing city, but still well-preserved with its heritage. What are the best 3 things to do in Penang? Food, food, and food. In 2022, there's another unmissable thing to do is...


Best Indian Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor [2022]

Indian cuisine is one of the popular dishes in Malaysia, you can find it literally everywhere. Talking about Indian food, what comes to people's minds is only curry or roti canai, but there is actually so much more on the menu. Curry are not just tasted the same, there are...


Best Indoor Badminton Courts in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor [2022]

Badminton is a perfect sport for health enthusiasts, it's fun and inexpensive. With the sludge of popularity of sports activities, there are now plenty of badminton courts in the city. It's not just a healthy sport option, badminton is played by two or four players, so you must gather your...


Best Cafes in Melaka [2022]

Melaka (also known as Malacca) is often called a historical place worth visiting in Malaysia. We’ve got a bunch of ideas for you to explore Melaka, from exploring St. Paul’s Church, and walking around Stadthuys to scouting out the best coffee and cafe vibes. If you really want...

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